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Helping Hands

Commitment to Education:
Athiya's CSR Initiative

At Athiya, we believe in the transformative power of education. As a company deeply rooted in Learning & Development, our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives naturally gravitate towards supporting educational endeavors. More than just corporate outreach, our endeavors are a manifestation of our intrinsic values, seamlessly merging with our identity as a Learning & Development entity.

We are dedicated not only to uplifting and supporting our own team but also to making impactful contributions to the broader community. From ensuring deserving children receive the education they need to providing for the holistic well-being of our staff, we are steadfast in our commitment. By investing in education and well-being today, we're paving the way for a brighter and more equitable tomorrow for individuals, families, and entire communities.

Empowering the Next Generation

Every year, we identify a select number of children in need within our community. Recognizing their potential and the barriers they face, we ensure they receive quality education by enrolling them in reputable local schools. Our commitment doesn't stop at school gates; we pledge to fully fund their entire educational journey, covering school fees, essential books, and, when necessary, accommodation and medical expenses. A testament to our dedication is the story of the very first child we sponsored. From his initial days in school, we've been by his side, and today, we're filled with pride as he embarks on his engineering journey at university. We remain committed to supporting his academic pursuits until he completes his higher education, reflecting our unwavering belief in the power of sustained educational support.

Supporting Our Athiya Family

At Athiya, our philosophy transcends traditional business practices. We're deeply committed to fostering genuine relationships and cherishing our extended family. We recognize that the well-being of our staff encompasses more than just their roles within our walls. For those in essential roles such as cleaning, driving, and cooking, we provide not just competitive salaries, but also, in response to the housing challenges some encounter, fully-funded accommodations to ensure they have a safe and stable home. But our commitment doesn't end with our direct employees. We actively invest in the educational future of their children, aiming to uplift the current generation and establish a foundation for the next to rise above poverty. This endeavor is not mere philanthropy, but a testament to our core belief: every child is entitled to a quality education, and as a community, we unite in pursuit of that vision. In doing so, we're working towards a far-reaching impact, aspiring to benefit their loved ones for generations ahead.

Nourishing Bodies and Minds

A well-nourished child is better equipped to focus in class and is more inclined to attend school consistently. Recognizing this, our founders and directors personally contribute to the midday meal scheme, facilitated by the Akshaya Patra NGO. This initiative ensures children receive wholesome meals during their school day. Beyond the immediate benefits of better health and concentration, these meals act as a significant incentive, encouraging parents to prioritize their child’s education. In providing these meals, we're investing not just in physical nourishment but in intellectual empowerment. By emphasizing the importance of education, we hope to offer families a tangible opportunity to break the cycle of generational poverty, illuminating a path to a brighter, more prosperous future for whole communities.

Why Education?

In a world brimming with complexities, education stands out as a beacon of hope, empowerment, and progress. For us, concentrating our CSR efforts on education isn't just strategic – it's personal. We believe that by supporting educational endeavors today, we are contributing to a brighter, more informed, and more compassionate world tomorrow.

Join us in our mission to make education accessible and meaningful for every child.

Together, we can mold the future.

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