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Recognising Admirable Workplace Behaviours

17 Jul 2022

Every place of work has a different atmosphere, a different environment, different set of ethos.

An efficient and harmonious working environment is created, largely, by the way people behave in the workplace. This includes the behaviour of employees, employers and to, some extent, even customers and clients.

Considering current times, our workplace is anywhere we get work done – at home, at a café and only sometimes at the office. Hence, it becomes necessary to continue to treat everyone with respect even when interacting remotely, for a congenial work environment.

Too often, rewards and recognition in the workplace are based on measurable performances of the employees and understandably so. A wonderful addition to this practice would be to acknowledge and appreciate employee behaviour that creates a positive work environment. Educate teams on these skills via training engagements to help drive the message effectively.

Here are four such employee behaviours that need to be recognised:

  1. Accountability – Everyone loves to take credit, but only a few will accept their own mistakes. And when such an employee is identified, pay attention. It calls for immediate recognition for their willingness to change and learn. Only when employees take accountability for making things right will the workplace see a refreshing change.

  2. Adaptability – Employees with the ability to adapt and respond to the changing demands of an organisation should be appreciated. They are the ones who take up challenges and still perform quite efficiently. This is an essential trait, considering the quick evolution of most organisations in current times.

  3. Problem-solving ability – Rather than merely stating the issue, if an employee brings you the resolution, celebrate them. Better still if they share multiple viable options. They have the makings of leaders and deserve the recognition.

  4. Dependability – Dependable employees are better equipped to manage confidential or sensitive issues. It is an important quality that leaders look for in employees.

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