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The future of learning

15 Aug 2022

We all seek to become the best version of ourselves in life and at work. The desire to become an expert professional in any business is what drives us to do our best.

The universal assumption across companies is that “great pay and benefits motivate all employees to demonstrate optimal performance behaviour”. The notion is that incentives propel people to sharpen their thinking and accelerate their creativity too. And, to be honest, this was true in some part.

The “carrot and stick” model worked well in the past and was meant for routine monotonous tasks only. This is not enough in today’s world where employees are required to constantly think out of the box and solve complex problems. Add to that the fact that over half of the employees are working from home, and you will realise that engaging your people becomes a herculean task.

So the question is, how do we keep people engaged and get them to creatively outperform? One way is to create learning opportunities which are not just enriching, but also challenge employees’ creative quotient and intellect.

Immersive learning is a key driver for employee creative performance in the long run. Don’t get us wrong, in today’s virtual world, competitive pay and incentives are the foundation for employee retention. However, in order to showcase strong cognitive skills and creative problem solving, employees need a sense of autonomy (being in control of their tasks-learning), mastery (confidence in job knowledge and skillset), and purpose (clear vision). This has been widely recommended by experts like Daniel Pink. So, the key is to introduce customised learning opportunities every step of the way.

It is important to create tailor made learning experiences for individuals which focus on empowering them with not just job specific knowledge and skill sets, but also a strong sense of creative confidence and purpose. To know more on how to do this, feel free to contact Athiya Global. We take pride in helping empowering your business by empowering your people!

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