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Working Virtually

Working virtually brings many advantages for all involved. Having a global network enables us to get the job done, regardless of your location.

Just let us know where you are based, and we will connect you with one of our team members able to connect with you at a time suitable for you.

Asian American woman working on laptop and tablet



You have a big project requiring a lot of people to get involved. We can easily scale the team up without worrying about fitting everyone in the office. Similarly, we're not stuck if we can't find the extra talent locally.

International Talent

We can hire the best talent, wherever they may be. This also gives our team a broad number of languages they can do work in. Most of our employees speak 2 to 3 languages and some go up to 5 and 7 languages!

More Productive

Very little to no commute means no time is wasted on the road. Everyone can make better use of their time. This also offers better work-life balance for our global team.

More Sustainable

Very little to no commute also means less CO2 emissions. eLearning in itself is also more sustainable, not just because of the low commute, but less take-aways, or coffees in disposable containers for example.

Our Strength

If you think about it, we specialise in online learning. We have a lot of experience in this area and know how to be more productive and responsive. So really, it is no surprise that we operate virtually. 

In-Person Meetings

We understand some businesses are more comfortable with in person meetings, or some conversations or projects are easier with in person meetings. Do let us know if this is your preference. We have a global network of team members, so we may very well be able to meet in person with you.

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