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People are at the center of every organization. Giving your people an opportunity to learn and develop is essential.

We design customized eLearning modules across a wide spectrum of complexity. Whether you're looking to transform your existing content and in-person training with engaging visual aids and interactivity, or if you're starting without content, we can develop or even create the required materials for you. Additionally, we provide ready-to-use SCORM, xAPI, CMI5 or AICC packages, to seamlessly integrate with your LMS.

No task is too daunting for us. And it shouldn't be for you.

Types of eLearning


Breaking up complex topics into short, stand-alone units of study. It makes it easier to retain information as well as to access relevant information when needed.

Blended Learning

Combining in person training with eLearning. It provides the advantages of both types of learning. 

Scenario-Based Learning

Using interactive scenarios to support active learning. It provides a relatable and highly relevant learning experience.


Incorporating game elements to boost engagement and retention, turning lessons into interactive and motivating experiences.

Flexible on demand training solutions enable employees to fit in the training they need when it suits them. It allows for accelerated upskilling or reskilling, and results in a single knowledge base.

Couple this with all the different types of eLearning and you can tailor your content so it will be received most quickly and effectively.

Use Cases of eLearning

eLearning can be valuable for any company, regardless of the size or industry.

These are just a few use case examples:


How to use a new piece of medical equipment or new best practices


Explain the full manufacturing process from start to end

Sports Coach

Keep up to date with injury risk mitigation techniques

Film Industry

Show staff/contractors how to get around a new set


Run through the full menu, allergy risks, floor plan and table numbering


Explain the different room types and how to set them up properly


Theoretical practice for flight navigation, human factors and air law


Guidelines on sustainable farming practices or new harvesting techniques.

Only scratching the surface with these use cases? Dive deeper into possibilities tailored for you. Reach out and explore the full spectrum of solutions we offer!

Why eLearning?

Here are some of the key advantages of using eLearning:


It doesn't cost more to train more people.


It can be as high level or as detailed as needed.


Consistent, standardized, reliable training.

On Demand

Training on demand, 24/7.

Levels of eLearning

Level 1 graph
Level 2 graph
Level 3 graph
Level 4 graph

Level 1 - Knowledge Delivery Design 

An excellent form of information sharing, we recommend this for novice employees and simpler topics.

Level 2 - Skills Enhancement

A more detailed and enriching eLearning experience, this often includes voiceover and basic animation. It is typically used for skill-specific training and knowledge enhancement.

Level 3 - Rich Media Learning

Bring your training material to life with high fidelity animation, graphics and interactivity. Choose to top this off with voiceovers and with an option to test the learner.

Level 4 - Gamification

Turn your eLearning content into a game. Make your content stick when you deploy this truly memorable learning experience.


Interested in exploring our work further? Check out our Sample page for a showcase of our eLearning projects. Curious about our process and how we bring your ideas to life? Find out how we do it to learn more about our approach. Dive deeper into our eLearning design expertise and discover the possibilities awaiting your organization.

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